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Company Background

Established in 2019 beneath the brand of OCO Thailand, OCO Thai Company Limited administers, manufactures, and processes “Namhom” coconut products to respond to customer needs that wish to consume 100% natural coconut water (genuine). For this reason, our company distributes the products in several online platforms; namely Line, Instagram as well as Facebook to excellently facilitate our customers.


Our company manufactures, selects, and processes “Namhom” coconut products. We administrate by the proficient and experienced administrative policy. Besides, we are attentive to every step of the manufacturing process. Firstly, we select the coconut... plantations located by the natural nutrient-rich rivers, which are suitable for the growth of coconuts. The appropriate locations play significant roles in increasing productivity as well as enhancing the savour of the coconuts. For the harvest, we select the flawlessly good quality coconuts to manufacture and process in the factory that has been qualified by FDA, GMP, HACCP, and HALAL standards. Lastly, the company emphasizes greatly on products quality preservation in order to deliver nutritive values and 100% natural freshness, without any contamination, artificial flavour or colour added, to the customers. We also consider our responsibilities toward the community and society; consequently, we design, plan, and select biodegradable and recyclable packages that don’t contaminate the environment.


Who is OCO?

We are the coconut water from a special coconut breed called “Namhom”, which is considered the most well-known coconut in the world. Namhom coconut is remarkable for the unique “scented-luscious-fresh” savour that can be tasted within one sip! More importantly, excellent quality “Namhom” can only... be cultivated in the watershed area of the 4 provinces in Thailand for these locations contain distinctive soil and minerals that are suitable for this luscious breed. For this reason, the good quality “Namhom” coconut is inadequate and in high demand in the world market nowadays. OCO invents and discovers the method to extract fresh coconut water from “Namhom” coconut before packing in the packages that can be kept for 6 months without adding preservative, sugar, artificial flavour, water or any chemicals. Most of all, OCO preserves 100% of nutritive values from coconut as well as the freshness and luscious savour as if freshly squeezes.


What is Melty?

Melty is OCO-proudly-presented 100% natural “Namhom” coconut water in the packs. We consider the convenience of the customers who do not wish to gain muscles by carrying huge coconuts weighed two to three kilogrammes back home. Besides, these coconuts also cover much space in the refrigerator; we have to be exhausted and risky trying to uncover the sweetness of coconut. Thus, Melty is invented to solve all these weary tasks.



Melty is 100% pure raw coconut water. We do not use any sugar or preservative. With Melty, you can enjoy the authentic taste of coconut water without the trouble of having to handle the raw coconut yourselves. We make it easy to take home and store in the fridge.

Pure Coconut Water


Keep in Fridge

2 years

Sugar or Preservative


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